Tips and tricks

Struggling with a teething baby/toddler?

Here is a video to help you comfort your little one!

The video shows my little girl just after she’d gone back to sleep after an hour of whining and discomfort… there are days where she finds this extremely soothing and loves having her gum lines massaged, and there are days where she just wants to be left alone. If you try this out, check for your baby’s reaction and you will soon be able to tell when and what they like or don’t like.

Simply rotate your fingers, using some pressure, along their gum line. You can also start under the nose or on the chin and, using some pressure, pull outwards towards the ears to ease tension and pain.

Another lovely spot to massage is behind the ears, as you can see towards the end of the video.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have!