Pregnancy Massage


A tailored pregnancy massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself throughout those 40 long weeks.

Trying to balance your hectic day-to-day life with your ever-changing physical and emotional needs can be draining, and that one hour of ‘me-time’ is the perfect space away from it all!

Relaxing, being pampered, finding some inner peace and connecting deeper with that tiny precious being growing inside you make all the difference and restore your energy levels.

All those aches and pains, sore back, feet, legs… not only can a pregnancy massage help with your emotional well-being, but it also help your physical symptoms by:

  • reducing swelling in limbs
  • improving your blood circulation
  • increasing the oxygen levels in your blood
  • easing muscular discomfort
  • reducing sciatic/pelvic pains

Of course a pregnancy massage is extremely beneficial during those last few days and weeks before due date (or those agonising days following due date and no arrival…!), but it can also be incredibly worthwhile and comforting during the early days – yes, even during the first trimester. (NB This obviously depends on your overall health and any potential pregnancy complications you may experience.)


I specialise in pregnancy massage, having completed an extensive diploma through Suzanne Yates ( rather than a short term CPD course. Because of this diploma, I am qualified and insured to treat pregnant women from the very beginning onwards, not only after the 12th week.

A special focus during the diploma has also been on correct positioning during a massage – massages can take place on a futon, on a massage table (side-lying), sat upright on a chair or ball, or lying on the front on a specialist pregnancy table.* There has been some controversy over the front-lying position and Silke is very happy to answer any questions relating to this. Alternatively, please read up more in this research study by Silke.

Massages last for one hour and are usually full body. This can – but does not need to – include massaging the bump. Treatments take place in the comfort of your own home in and around Kingston (Esher, New Malden, Wimbledon).

Shiatsu based treatments can be incorporated into the treatments.

*front-lying on a special massage table (with hole in it) can only take place following a thorough consultation and will never be for the entirety of the massage.