Pregnancy Massage


A massage during pregnancy is – in my own experience – the best thing you can do throughout those 40 long weeks.  That one hour of ‘me-time’ in between the usual day-to-day life, trying to balance your usual job and life with your ever-changing physical and emotional state can be draining. Having that time to relax, get pampered, lift your spirits, find some inner peace and connect deeper with that tiny being growing inside you makes all the difference and restores your energy levels.

It certainly meant the world to me during my two pregnancies.

All those aches and pains, sore back, feet, legs… not only can a pregnancy massage help with your emotional well-being, but also help your physical pregnancy symptoms. A pregnancy massage can help with:

  • swelling in limbs
  • improve blood circulation
  • increase oxygen levels in your blood
  • ease muscular discomfort
  • reduce sciatic/pelvic pains

Of course a pregnancy massage is extremely beneficial during those last few days and weeks before due date (or those agonising days following due date and no arrival…!), but can also be incredibly beneficial and comforting during the early days as well – yes, including the first trimester. (NB: all depending on your overall health and any potential pregnancy complications you may experience)

Having had extensive training with Suzanne Yates (director of Well Mother), I am able to help and support you during all trimesters of pregnancy and can create a treatment plan that suits your needs exactly – be this flat (yes flat!) on your front using a special pregnancy table for part of the treatment, on your side on a table or on the floor, using a gym ball or sat upright.

Whatever you need and whatever works best for you, I will be working with you and help you enjoy your pregnancy.

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