A massage therapy diploma – easy?

When I chose to do a massage therapy diploma I thought this would be an easy ride. I mean, how difficult could it be? After all, all I’d need to learn were a few strokes and muscle groups and how to use which stroke to improve which aches and pains.

The reality was a completely different world and consisted of months and months of practise treatments with write ups and reflection, hours and hours of studying anatomy, physiology and pathology. Who’d have thought you needed to know the structure, layers of skin/fat/muscle etc of not only your main body parts but also the hair, the teeth, eyes and finger nails! There were assignments on complementary therapy and business study.

I’d never really appreciated what it takes to become a fully qualified massager therapist before I completed my diploma. I’d never even considered checking a therapist’s training or ask in a salon for any details. Some places I’ve been to I could tell that the person giving me a massage did not have a clue what they were doing, others I was perfectly happy with the treatments received. Every person needs to find the right therapist for themselves, of course! But I’d urge anyone to actually check that the massage their receive is given by someone with adequate training, so you can actually lie back and really enjoy a decent massage!



Here’s to the beginning of a new adventure!

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